The 2015 Consumer Electronic Show

Jeremy Yeung's picture

It’s that time of year again. With the New Year’s Eve parties out of the way and a fresh start to the year, we attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas from January 6-9. 2015 was a record year for CES with over 170,000 attendees from around the world.

The focus for CES 2015 was all about the Internet of Things (IOT). Gone are the days where the industry is focused solely on hardware. As computing power and sensor technology improve, and costs continue to depreciate, companies globally are rethinking the new consumer electronics model. Have you ever dreamed of owning a James bond like gadget? Well today’s technology enables users to track and monitor anything with a sensor. As you can see in the picture below, this individual is wearing a camera on both his shirt and wrist.

The camera is capable of taking multiple hours of video and thousands of pictures on a single charge. We believe that the IOT will enable intelligent devices to help us make better decisions in our lives and maybe help capture the villain in the new James Bond movie.

2015 is also all about the connected car; the auto presence on the show floor keeps growing every year. One of the main visions for the auto industry is to have self-driving vehicles. BMW showcased its technology with the Remote Valet Parking Assistant. Just think about the day when a car drops you off at your destination and finds its own parking spot. The technology industry will benefit from the auto industry’s investment in vision and sensor technology.

Last year Amazon announced that it will be testing same day delivery via the use of drones. Drones have advanced with camera and sensor technology that will enable them to follow targets and avoid collisions. Hexo+ is bringing your GoPro to the next level with an autonomous flying drone that can film you in action. Gone are the days of holding that selfie stick!