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Energy sector positioning throughout the cycle

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Co-author: Carson Tong 

An essential aspect of the Signature Global Asset Management investment model is the continuous collaboration among team members that helps to uncover opportunity and limit risk across multiple sectors and asset classes. An excellent example of this process in action can be found in Signature’s approach to the energy sector throughout the recent cycle, which helped generate strong risk-adjusted returns for across the group’s portfolios.

Permian rocks! Oil bearing rocks that is ...

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It looks like I may have to hitchhike again when I go on my next trip to Midland, Texas to meet with some of the Permian companies that we hold in our portfolios. On my first visit there about six years ago, I wasn’t able to find a cab to take me from the airport to my hotel – but excitement and activity were at a fever pitch in the area at that time. Horizontal drilling technology was just migrating to the basin and the price of oil was around $90, making everything very economical to drill.

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