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Signature Tactical Bond Pool- Frequently asked questions

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What is Signature Tactical Bond Pool?

The new Signature Tactical Bond Pool is a globally diversified fixed-income portfolio that has the flexibility to respond tactically to shifting market conditions and ability to find the best opportunities to add risk-adjusted alpha. Our goal is to provide better returns than the FTSE/TMX Canada Universe Bond Index with less volatility.

Why should I invest in Signature Tactical Bond Pool?

Brazil's downward path

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Standard & Poor (S&P) recently downgraded Brazil’s credit rating to non-investment grade and maintained a negative outlook, signaling that further cuts are possible. Once a darling of emerging markets, Brazil is now facing a painful and possibly prolonged recession, and is caught between policy inaction and political turmoil – both of which threaten to delay the recovery even further.

From rising star to fallen angel

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