Canadiens Win 20th Stanley Cup

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I was nine years old when the Habs and Bruins met in the 1977 Stanley Cup Final. The two "Original 6" teams clashed again in the 1978 final and 1979 semi-finals. Needless to say, for a young hockey-playing Montrealer, these victories were bliss. To this day my favourite Canadiens team is Scotty Bowman's lineup from the late seventies.

With this current series rekindling old emotions, I dug out my hockey card collection to celebrate that Stanley Cup winning team. It turned out that I had cards for the entire team. After gathering the team together, I hoped that I could channel some mystical Hab energy from past legends down to the 2014 team.  Let's give it a try by invoking the Habs motto:

"To you from falling hands we throw the torch. Be yours to hold it high."

To entrust the current generation of Habs to dutifully carry on the fight...against the Bruins.

Go Habs Go!




Submitted by Reid Liske on

Yep! The Canadiens were my favourite team when there were only 6 in the NHL. The class act was Jean Beliveau but my all-time favourite hockey player is Bobby Orr. He was such a graceful skater and a real ambassador for Canada to this day.

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