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Signature Fixed Income Due Diligence: WeWork = NoWork

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As you have probably read, WeWork’s much hyped equity initial public offering (IPO) failed. For the record, we are not invested in either their shares or the previously issued high-yield bonds. Although we have no investment in WeWork, we thought we could use it as an interesting example of the Signature Global Asset Management (Signature) investment process and the need for cross-asset collaboration.

More runway less plane

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Recently it was announced that the Quebec government will be providing Bombardier with much needed new capital. The struggling CSeries commercial jet program will be moved into a joint venture (JV) and the Quebec government will contribute $1 billion into this JV in exchange for a 49.5% interest in the company. This cash contribution will be restricted to the JV and does not represent bondholder collateral. This would seemingly be a short-term positive for a company that has under-delivered on its aerospace program development and is quickly burning cash.

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