January 3, 2018

“Some use statistics as drunkards use lamp-posts – for support rather than illumination.”

As 2017 comes to an end, it is only appropriate that we reflect on positioning and performance across our fixed income strategies and set the course for what is shaping up to be a challenging 2018. That is not to say that...

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December 20, 2017

Throughout the era of highly accommodative monetary policy that has endured over much of the last decade, a core fixed income solution is still viewed by many investors as the key source of diversification for portfolio risky-asset exposures. This preference has held even during a regime where bonds’ correlations with risky assets have...

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December 5, 2017

How banks drive market cycles, the emergence of China 2.0, and the rise of fintech

I wanted to share with you a lively discussion I had with Paul Schulte during the 2017 CI Leadership Forum in Palm Springs that focuses on how banks drive market cycles, the emergence of China 2.0, and the rise of fintech. Paul is the...

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November 27, 2017

In this video blog, Matthew Strauss is joined by Drummond Brodeur to discuss the key insights from Matthew’s recent research trip to the Signature Hong Kong office and other parts of Asia.


Topics discussed include:

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November 13, 2017
Co-author: Drummond Brodeur

As part of Signature’s continuing effort to keep you and your clients updated with what we are seeing in the global economy, we wanted to share with you a brief video from Drummond Brodeur and J.P. Bry where they discuss key insights from J.P.’s recent European tour. Among the topics discussed...

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