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I have been meaning to write about the new fund we launched 10 short weeks ago but it has been pretty hectic and I apologize for the delay. We are very excited to introduce something that we think will take advantage of opportunities we are seeing in the market in a way our existing mandates cannot, to the same extent. I'm sure you are all aware that we capped the Cambridge Canadian Growth Companies Fund back in March because we wanted to preserve its ability to take advantage of opportunities in Canadian small and mid-cap stocks which is not a very big or liquid universe.

Everyone asks about my biggest fear...

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Whenever we are on the road speaking to advisors or to clients we always get the question, and rightfully so, "What is your biggest fear?” Well over the last year and a half I have been saying, “the bond market”. It doesn't matter who you speak to on our team, we all feel it is a big concern. The unsustainable interest rate environment, created by unprecedented levels of government intervention and anemic global growth, has forced investors to take on significant amounts of risk to achieve what were once very safe, risk adjusted, fixed-income returns.

Interesting Friday Read

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On Friday, I came across an interesting article called “Active fund managers are closet index huggers”* in the Financial Times and couldn't help but pass it along. We have been saying for years now that Cambridge is willing to look significantly different than the index in pursuit of superior risk-adjusted returns (and that is different than our peers and the benchmark). Our clients would certainly agree that they have benefitted from this approach.

Momentary Pause for Reflection

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I recently spent three days in San Francisco at a Global Technology and Media conference. I was there to investigate sectors that I have yet to cover as an analyst. There were some very clear takeaways, including feelings of rampant euphoria for early stage, high-growth tech companies, and ideas to follow up on (more on these in subsequent posts). What I found really interesting was how big the appetite for risk is right now – this includes investors, analysts and company management teams. For example, investors were wondering why company revenues “only” grew by 30% last year.

CGI Group - Another Example of Volatility Creating Opportunity

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Over the last few years, you have likely heard us heap praise on CGI Group, a significant core holding in the Cambridge portfolios. The management team is top-notch and the “ownership” culture established several decades ago is one we continually urge other companies to emulate.

Fee Changes Coming to Canada - Looking to the U.K. for Insights

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About six months ago, I wrote a piece highlighting the benefits of investing globally with specific references to the asset managers that can be viewed here. Well a few weeks ago, I went to London for a mini-conference and sat down with several of these European-listed firms (some we own and some we don’t) to get an update on business trends and to continue to build our relationships. Given the location of the conference, a big focus was the recently implemented U.K.

So much for sell in May

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Shoppers Drug Mart is a company and management team we have immense respect for, having invested in the stock going back to our days at our prior firm. They have done all the right things in a tough political and competitive environment and were finally rewarded for those efforts. Shoppers is the epitome of a large core holding, with management aligned with shareholders through their compensation philosophy, and a demonstrated track record of intelligent capital allocation through dividend increases and consistent share buybacks.


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