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Delivering Success for the Cambridge Global Smaller Companies Fund

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I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season. We are excited to be starting into another year of working hard to bring value to our clients. I have some important announcements regarding the small-cap team, and I also want to highlight some recent additions to the portfolio we are excited about for 2020 and beyond.

Q&A with Advisors: Cambridge Global Smaller Companies Fund

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Come February 2020, I’ll be celebrating my nine-year anniversary at Cambridge Global Asset Management (“Cambridge”). During this time, I’ve exclusively covered Canadian and global small/mid-capitalization stocks, and I believe I’ve done my best to deliver on my promise of achieving investment excellence for our clients. A few weeks ago, I held a call with advisors across Canada, and we had a good conversation. I felt that a short recap of part of that discussion was worthwhile repeating here.

Here we grow: Interested in joining the Cambridge team?

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Well, so much for a quiet summer! Throughout the last few months we’ve remained highly focused on making the best long-term investment decisions for our clients amid ever-growing risk appetites and return expectations. In order to support that, we’ve also been extremely busy developing our hiring plans.

Small-cap funds review: First-half 2018

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The purpose of this letter is to provide you with an update on first-half results across the Canadian and Global small-cap portfolios. But first, I’d like to start by discussing an important upcoming anniversary that serves to highlight two key things: the benefit of taking a long-term approach when investing; and the importance of well-reasoned decision-making.

Would sales people build great cars?

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I’ve been fortunate over the years to meet many of our clients – both advisor partners, and the families and individuals who own our funds directly. Collecting feedback and thanking those who trust us with their hard-earned savings is one of my favourite parts of the job. Often on these visits I’m asked, “So, which fund should I buy?” This is usually met with a blank stare by myself or a member of my team because the honest answer is, “it depends”. That’s rarely the answer people expect, so I want to provide some context and draw parallels to a different industry in order to illustrate why I believe the investment professionals at Cambridge are not always best positioned to answer that question.


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