Looking back on 2016

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Dear clients and advisors,

As 2016 comes to an end, I would like to take a moment to reflect on an amazing year that has seemingly come and gone in the blink of an eye. Years down the road, I think we will look back on 2016 as a very important year in Cambridge’s history. 

This year, our team took a significant leap forward as we expanded our sector coverage and integrated some incredibly thoughtful, driven and all around good people to the team:

  • Authi Seevaratnam – oil and gas
  • Kamron Marzoughi – consumer discretionary
  • Derek Cangiano – industrials
  • Joe German – helping us enhance our communication.

These guys have all been quick to plug into the culture we have created at Cambridge. It centers around taking ownership, a loop which includes both continuous learning and the sharing of knowledge with the team, and being accountable to each other, and you our co-investors. 

As the team evolves, one of my key responsibilities as the CIO is to make sure the elements that made us successful in the past are both preserved and adapted. And, just as a successful investment process isn’t created in the blink of an eye, neither is a culture – it takes time, commitment and buy in.

As our team prepares to move to a larger office space in February, I wanted to have something right beside the front door to remind us that a high bar needn’t only be set, it must be maintained. Every. Single. Day.

We all watched a five minute interview “Coach K to LeBron: Look me in the eye” which features one of the most successful coaches and leaders in all of basketball, Mike Krzyzewski, discussing his successes with the U.S. Olympic team.  Afterwards, we had a discussion about trust. Only with the partnership and trust of our clients could we have grown from a $1B four-person firm in 2007, to now an over $20B, 16-person firm today. At this meeting, as a group, we came up with 10 standards of conduct for our team. These are the unwavering standards that we have agreed to hold each other to, through good and difficult times. Standards which we feel will allow us to maintain our commitment to our mission statement of:

Continually earning your trust
by exemplifying the highest standards of wealth management
and by investing your family’s money as we do our own family’s.

These standards will be displayed in plain view in our newly renovated office space.

I thought it was important to tell you this, as we reflect on a very positive 2016, and reaffirm what we stand for going into 2017.

On behalf of the whole team at Cambridge, I would like to thank you for, via your hard-earned savings, trusting us with your hopes and dreams. 

Brandon J. Snow


P.S. We also have a favour to ask of you… 

We will be creating more video content in 2017 and are working on a three to five second “lead in” clip of our logo. We would like this intro to be filled with pictures of clients, advisors, team members, family and friends, who invest with Cambridge. We are lucky enough to do what we do because of the trust of a large number of people and want this to shine though when people see our videos.

We would be honoured to integrate your advisor and clients’ family photos and would ask that you send them to dburke@ci.com in JPG format in a file less than 3MB. Please complete and return the photo release waiver for each individual appearing in your submitted photos.


P.P.S. In 2017, we will begin alternating our weekly Friday commentaries between blogs and podcasts.  So please look for our first blog on January 6, 2017, followed by Bob Swanson’s first weekly podcast of 2017 on January 13, 2017.


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Thanks for your comments and link to the video, wonderful ideas in that interview. Congratulations on your continued success and for your decison to establish "Standards" to guide you in the future.
Merry Christmas!

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