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As many of you may have heard, we have announced a number of exciting changes at Cambridge, as outlined in the following press release:

The announcement reflects our current roles and responsibilities. When we first came together, and for the few years following, we were able to work in a free-flowing manner with the five of us having worked together for some time. We all contributed to all aspects of the business in different ways. As we grew, we noticed we were all doing a bit of everything but some of us were more skilled in certain roles than others. As our business grew, we redefined responsibilities so that instead of all of us doing a little bit of everything well, we could each focus on doing a few things exceptionally. We strongly believe that our performance has been enhanced by following this philosophy.

Over time we also introduced a number of new members to the team. We have defined trading and operational roles and have enhanced the analyst team dramatically. We believe we have an exceptional team (because that’s what our clients deserve!), and the bar is set very high for any future hires. It’s important for new team members to meet our absolute standards, and if we can find more analysts of the quality we have today we will continue to build the team. We have worked hard over the past year to institutionalize Cambridge’s investment philosophy so that new members can quickly contribute to the funds and remain disciplined during difficult periods in the market and, above all, add value for clients.

People fear change in this business, rightfully so, as it typically comes after things have gone wrong. The changes we have made have been done proactively over the last three years to put us in the position to grow without diluting the quality of work our clients have come to expect and deserve. There could be speculations about what these changes mean but the truth of the matter is they are just part of our consistent evolution as a firm.

If you have any questions, feel free to use the comments section or contact your CI representative.

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