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As a CIO and portfolio manager, I will humbly acknowledge that I could not do what I do without the support of a great team. In his May 10th blog, Greg mentioned that since 2011 we have interviewed close to 250 people for various positions, with fewer than 5% making the cut.

Today, I would like to take a moment to congratulate Tyler Hildebrand for being named a Top Gun Buy-Side Trader by Brendan Wood International, which acknowledges the fact that he is consistently rated in the top 10% of all buy-side traders by our business partners.

Tyler has an interesting story. He started with us four years ago as our office manager in Boston. We always thought he had upside because of his attitude and acumen, but one big reason we hired him was because we knew we could trust him. Before long we had him settling trades for all the PMs, then working trades for Alan Radlo’s portfolios on a global basis. Soon after, he moved back to Toronto and took over trade functionality for the entire team. Since that change, he has achieved a lot:

  • He has travelled globally, establishing trading relationships in a variety of geographies, building trust with our partners and representing Cambridge as well as any of the principals could.
  • He has researched and understood multiple market structures, electronic trading platforms and alternative products.
  • He has dramatically reduced trade costs.

We have worked hard to provide an environment and culture for people to be able to succeed. That said, it is up to that individual to deliver to their potential (we expect a lot from our team, but if they weren’t capable of being excellent, they wouldn’t have gotten the job). Tyler’s story is a great example of our theory playing out in practice. So again, as a fund holder and team member, I want to congratulate Tyler for all of his success.



The Brendan Wood TopGuns recognition is given to buy-side analysts through voting of sell-side professionals casting their ballots for the investors they personally believe to be the leaders of thought in the industry during the past year. TopGuns are those that garnered the upper decile of sell-side nominations. All TopGuns recognitions are subjective judgments and opinions, based on the experience of Brendan Wood and on information obtained by them from third parties on whose responses they have relied in good faith. There has been independent verification by Brendan Wood.


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Congrats to you Tyler, another great member to an amazing investment team. Keep up the tremendous work.

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