A chat with our financials analyst

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Joining me in this instalment of the video blog is our financials analyst Danesh Rohinton:

  • The financials space has gone from “peak pessimism” to a high level of enthusiasm with Trump’s election.
  • There are many opportunities to take advantage of.
  • We are happy to take some gains in the regional U.S. banks and move out of cyclicals in favour of more defensive companies such as credit bureaus, payments and property and casualty insurers.
  • Many companies today are being priced in line with the likes of Visa, a defensive globally known brand.

Thanks for your time today and if you have any comments on the funds, or suggestions as to how we could further improve our video blogs, please let us know.


Submitted by John Leroux on

This format is great and I enjoy the face time given to other members of the team.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Submitted by Lesley Evans on

Audio was much improved in this video chat which is great. Thanks!

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