Bear in a China Shop

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This week, we chat with Danesh Rohinton, our global financials analyst. As Steve mentioned in his March 30 blog (“Around the world in search of the best companies”), a number of Cambridge team members have been travelling the world recently. As the title of Steve’s blog indicates, many team members were on due diligence trips, meeting management teams and doing site visits in search of solid companies and evaluating the risk/reward opportunity sets they present. In Dan’s case, his trip focused on evaluating the risks posed by the Chinese economy. As we have been speaking about this theme for some time now, we wanted to share some of the key takeaways from Dan’s trip with you.


Submitted by Lambo on

I want to thank you both for the video blog update. It's great to hear you guys are actually getting over there and digging in the 'trenches'! Keep up the good work!

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Thanks Dale. It is the only way we can gain the confidence needed to invest our clients' money and will always be core to our process.


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