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Supporting a good cause

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Today I wanted to touch on a different topic by sharing with our clients one way Cambridge is contributing to society this year.  Throughout 2017 we have been participating in the Holland Bloorview Investor Challenge, a charitable competition focused on raising money for the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital.  For those of you who haven’t heard of Holland Bloorview, it is Canada’s largest children’s hospital for kids with disabilities and a global leader in care, education and research for this area.  As a father of three, I am fortunate that none of my children have n

What now?

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Since the surprise Trump election last fall, we have had a few months to digest and reflect on the new world we are in.  While our first instinct was to buy any dip after the announcement, clearly most agreed with us, and the market has appreciated significantly since then.  Very quickly expectations for reduced regulations (financial, energy, etc.), rate hikes, lower taxes, and fiscal stimulus were discounted by the market.


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