September 2017

New resources and looking ahead

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Good morning,

It continues to be busy at Cambridge, with team members all over the globe visiting companies. This week Brandon is in Japan, Greg in Japan and Australia, Authi in New York, Ian in San Diego, Kam attending a conference in the GTA, and Steve in the UK and Germany.  So I thought I would seize this rare opportunity to author a blog post.

My goal for this week’s blog is two-fold.  Firstly, to update you on a number of new resources which have come out recently:

Some market observations and a point on FX given the material move in the Canadian dollar

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We try to pass along interesting market observations when we see them. Often, what we and others see from the top down jives with what we are finding from the bottoms up or company level. It can also help put performance of different portfolios or strategies into context.