March 2017

Around the world in search of the best companies

Stephen Groff's picture

The past few weeks have been very busy for the Cambridge team. After significantly increasing the size of our team over the past two years, we had outgrown our old office space. We have relocated to a new, larger open concept area which we are enjoying and it also allows us space for future growth. The open concept has the PMs working out on the floor with the analysts.  This helps to encourage idea generation and facilitates communication amongst all of our Cambridge team members.

Animal spirits - a cautionary tale?

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Wow! What a change in sentiment we have seen over the last 12 months around stocks. At this time last year, we were inverting the colours of our Bloomberg terminals for companies on our watch list, so that when stocks were down they showed in GREEN! Then, the popular debate was whether the U.S. and rest of world were entering a recession and whether China would devalue its currency.