October 2016

Why we take the time to visit companies

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Ian and I recently returned from a five day, six city trip across three European countries. It was a good opportunity to catch up with management teams and to see firsthand the facilities of some existing and prospective portfolio companies.

We are sometimes asked, “What value do you get from visiting companies on their home turf instead of at conferences or through conference calls?” The answer is that we view the act of going to meet them very worthwhile for a number of reasons:

Risk vs. reward: comments on corporate bonds

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I wanted to share a few charts that have me thinking more about the risk in corporate bonds. We have spoken about the lack of return potential, relative to risk, within high-yield bonds for a number of years. But a few charts shared by our team recently show these concerns extending into investment grade (IG).


"Time to invest in Canada?"

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Bob, Brandon, Steve and I were in Miami last week for CI’s annual Leadership Forum giving us the opportunity to spend time with many of the advisors in attendance. For those who weren’t able to join us this year, I wanted to summarize some of the key points from the session we presented on investing in Canada. In reference to investing in Canada, we frequently got asked the question: “Is now the time?” I understand why people are asking it, but in my opinion it fails to recognize how hard it is to time the market.